Notebook Cover Ordering Information

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Notebook Cover Ordering Information

Here are the specs/pics and pricing options for the notebooks. These are just options, if you want something different/custom please let me know and I will get you a price on that. I want to craft you exactly what you are looking for, if possible. 

All covers pictured hold a standard 5.5”x3.5” notebook. All covers come with a Log+Jotter notebook. All pricing includes shipping in the USA. Thanks! 

  1. Cover Style

Standard Notebook $75:

Pen Clip Slot $80 (These covers are slightly wider to account for the internal pen carry. Also, the Card Slots in the 2nd pic are a seperate add-on, scroll lower for info): 

Interior Pen Keep $100 (These covers are slightly wider to account for the internal pen carry. Also, the Single Card Pocket in the pic is a separate add-on, scroll lower for info) This style is ideal for your pens that do not have clips, however it will absolutely work with pens that do have clips: 

Locking Pen Tab Notebook $85:

Locking Stud & Pen Slot Notebook $105. If only the Locking Stud or only the Plot Slot was wanted it would be $95:

  1. Inside Cover

Standard inside folder pocket included with price of notebook:

Card slots in folder cover +$10:

Single card pocket +$20:

Double card pocket +$35:

  1. Stamping options:

Custom lettering: initials, names & sayings are $5 a press. The amount of letters doesn’t matter per press. 

Custom Logos and objects are on a case by case basis. I need to get a stamp made for them. Typically they run between $25-$40 my cost to have made. You pay my cost +$5 to have the stamp pressed in. If you use the stamp again on another project it is just the $5 stamping fee of course. 

If the custom stamp is something I will most likely use on another persons project I will cut you a deal on the stamp as others will also be paying to use it. If you want to use a stamp I already have it is the standard $5 charge. 


I can also stamp a different piece of leather and stitch it to the cover like below. The stamped wording patches start at $20. The price would go up with multiple patches, size and amount of wording. Your logo can also be put on a patch. That cost would be the price of the custom logo as stated above and the $20 for actually stamping and stitching the logo on.