Belt Ordering Information

Man Belt & Leather

Belt Ordering Information

I offer 4 styles of Belts. A "Machine Single Stitch", "Machine Double Stitch", "Single Hand Stitched" & a "Double Hand Stitched". All Belts come with a lifetime warranty on the leather and stitching. 

Belts are made in 3 widths. 1.25", 1.5" & 1.75". 

Belt leather and stitching is chosen by you from the available leathers. I change leathers often but always have a variety of Browns, Blacks & Grays.  

Belts are custom sized to you, Man, Woman or Child. Below is a picture with measuring directions. Measuring is crucial. Please follow the directions closely. I will always double check with you as I have had way to many wrong measurements in the past. 

Belt Pricing is Below with examples:

Single Machine Stitch: $125

Double Machine Stitch: $150

Single Hand Stitch: $200

Double Hand Stitch: $275

No Picture Available as I have not had to do one yet.