Notebook Cover Ordering Information

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Notebook Cover Ordering Information

Here are the specs/pics and pricing options for the notebook/Passport covers. These are just options, if you want something different/custom please let me know and I will get you a price on that. I want to craft you exactly what you are looking for, if possible. 

All covers pictured hold a standard 5.5”x3.5” notebook or a US Passport (5" x 3.5"). All notebook covers come with a Log+Jotter notebook. All pricing includes shipping in the USA. Thanks! 

  1. Cover Style

Standard Notebook $75:

"Pen Clip Notch" $85 (These covers are slightly wider to account for the internal pen carry. Also, the Card Slots in the 2nd pic are a seperate add-on, scroll lower for info): 

"Interior Pen Keep" $110 (These covers are slightly wider to account for the internal pen carry. Also, the Single Card Pocket in the pic is a separate add-on, scroll lower for info) This style is ideal for your smaller pens that do not have clips, however it will absolutely work with pens that do have clips: 

"Locking Pen Tab" Notebook $100:

"Locking Stud" & "Pen Slot" Notebook $125. If only the Locking Stud or only the Pen Slot was wanted it would be $100:

  1. Inside Cover

Standard inside folder pocket included with price of notebook:

"Dual Card Slots" in folder cover +$15:

"Single Card Pocket" +$25:

"Double Card Pocket" +$50:

  1. Stamping options:

Custom lettering: initials, names & sayings are $5 a press. The amount of letters doesn’t matter per press. The amount of presses it takes will vary on the size of your item and the amount of lettering that you want. 

Custom Logos and objects are on a case by case basis. I need to get a stamp made for them. Typically they run between $40-$60 my cost to have made. You pay my cost +$5 to have the stamp pressed in. If you use the stamp again on another project it is just the $5 stamping fee of course. 

If the custom stamp is something I will most likely use on another persons project I will cut you a deal on the stamp as others will also be paying to use it. If you want to use a stamp I already have it is the standard $5 charge. 


I can also stamp a different piece of leather and stitch it to the cover like below. The stamped wording patches start at $25. The price would go up with multiple patches, size and amount of wording. Your logo can also be put on a patch. That cost would be the price of the custom logo as stated above and the $25 for actually stamping and stitching the logo on.